Band ТІК
Viktor Bronyuk
vocals, accordion
To hear and see the harmony of the Universe
Viktoria Gazina
back vocal
To set up a band of my kids
Serhiy Shamray
To get a little house in Monaco for my birthday
Vladislav Khmarskyy
I want to set Tibet free. And play a real solo album for the Tibetan monks
Olexander Shchur
To become more popular than Serhiy Shamray in TIK
Serhiy Apanasenko
To save money and buy out the house in Monaco from Serhiy Shamray
Olexander Klimenko
bass guitar
To Become the President of Ukraine
Eugene Zykov
I want to create a museum of vintage cars called You can touch them
The official history of the band TIK started in the spring of 2005. It was then that the graduates of Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University finally realized that the music in their life is a little more than just a student entertainment. And rehearsals started. At that time the band consisted of Victor Bronyuk (vocals and accordion), Dennis Repey (bass guitar), Constantine Terepa (guitar), Olexander Filinkov (drums).
One of the rehearsals was accidentally attended by the producer Oleg Zbarashchuk. Actually, his reaction to the creative work of the musicians was negative a first. However, it was something new unlike the conventional musical-style patterns. And that got Oleg interested. 
Thus, on 2 June 2005 in Vinnytsia the performance of Talita Kum band was pre- welcomed by the band TIK. Thousands of attending spectators welcomed the creative work of the newly-created band. The debut was a success! And this day is considered to be the birthday of the band TIK.
Then there was a serious discussion with Oleg Zbarashchuk, followed by productive work to varify the repertoire and create the first demo recording product. This recording work chanced to be heard by Vitaliy Telezin, experienced sound producer who agreed to record TIK`s songs in this own studio 211.
The band underwent essential changes. In 2006 the bass player Denis Repey and saxophonist and keyboard player Yuri Martsenyuk left the band. They decided to start their own business. This was preceded by the exit of guitarist Konstantine Terepa. It is for sure was difficult, but no one was going to stop.
A difficult period of searches, advertisements, castings, and attempts started ... Early May a new TIK band was set up. It was then that the usual band team was added with trumpeter.
Daily rehearsals continued as long as only one month, and on 26 of May in Zhytomyr the debut of the new band took place. Simultaneously, at Studio 211 the band recorded the song Oleni (Deers) together with the band Liapis Trubetskoy. In the summer time, none of the band players had a rest: everyone worked hard over the debut album LiteraDura (Crazy Literature), which was presented on 27 of May 2007.
On 11 of March 2008 TIK started their tour Bayky pro Oleniv (Tales about Deers) in their native Vinnytsia. The tour ended with a fully-appreciated band performance on the main stage of the festival Tavriyski Ihry (Tavria Games).
In autumn TIK presented the second disc tyHYI (“Quiet”) and performed 50 concerts to support it.
In 2010 the hit song Oleni (Deers) was used as a soundtrack for the successful movie Love in the Big City 2. In another comedy, Rzhevskiy proty Napoleon (Rzhevskiy against Napolen) the band players performed as serfs musicians.
Then there was the album Vesilnyi (The Wedding One), which brougt TIK the reputation of the best festive team, opening the way to the duet of Viktor Bronyuk and Irina Bilyk (Ne Tsiluy/Don’t Kiss). The story of this cooperation continued: first as a new song Zyma (Winter) and then as a common tour of The Best Ukrainian Hits. They performed 24 concerts in 30 days, thus entering the Ukrainian Records Book.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the band, the disc Lyuby Ty Ukrainu (Love YOUkraine) was released. The same name was given to the great tour of TIK held in the cities of Ukraine and abroad.
The band does not keep away from the events that happen in the country during the recent years. Among the comic videos of the TIK band there are pretty serious ones devoted to Ukraine and to those who struggle for it: Zapah Viyny (The Smell of the War), Lyuby Ty Ukrainu (Love YOUkraine), IstoriYA (History).
In February 2017 ТІК went to the all-Ukrainian tour, named EURODVIZHN. 
The final chord of EURODVIZHN sounded in Palace Ukraine in Kyiv. It was a supercocktail of a emotional choir, military оrchestra, festive "TIK" and dances of spectators.
Now TIK is preparing to charge by emotionals the audience in other countries…