21 november 2017
Victor Bronyuk has a garden near the house with a city and a hundred bush roses2
The frontman of the band "TIK" decided to engage in music and came up with the name of the band when the cows are pas.
20 november 2017
Victor Bronyuk showed his house5
The frontman of the band "TIK" invited Katya Osadcha.
20 november 2017
Victor Bronyuk: frank memories in the magazine "Krayina"5
Victor Bronyuk, the frontman of the band TIK, recalled in the magazine "KRAYINA" when he was last ...
15 november 2017
"TIK" got into the New Year "Adventure ..."6
Best Festive Band of Ukraine took part in the filming of the New Year's TV project.
14 november 2017
Viktor Bronyuk in the show "Star Eggs"7
The frontman of the band "TIK" became a participant in the confrontation of large and small-scale))).
06 november 2017
Viktor Bronyuk: "Showbiz is now going on in the government"11
The frontman of the TIK group answered the questions of the Obozrevatel