Новини гурту
18 september 2017
On Monday, September 18, at 18:00 and 19:00, on the STB TV channel, the third season of the Ukrainian project's favorite project "When We At Home. New History ". This autumn, the sketch turns into a complete series and will go on weekdays at 19:00 (repeated at 18:00).
31 august 2017
On September 1, the frontman of the band "TIK" Victor Bronyuk will lead a six-year-old son in the first class. Danylo will be studying at the same school, where the eldest daughter of Bronyuk Eve is already studying in the third grade. In Vinnitsa school number 25 in-depth study of foreign languagesI star daddy admitted to dreaming STARBOM, together with children to pull up their own English.
24 august 2017
On Independence Day of Ukraine, the frontman of the band "TIK" did not just congratulate the country, but tried to answer the important questions for every Ukrainian that STARBOM.com had put him.
23 august 2017
On the State Flag Day of Ukraine, the frontman of the band "TIK" responded to those who consider it necessary to change a little "blue-yellow".
18 august 2017
Today's birthday is celebrated by the back-vocalist of the "TIK" band!
11 august 2017
Viktor Bronyuk and the company overcame 12 thousand kilometers with three transfers at the airports of Warsaw, Toronto and Winnipeg. And then another 300 kilometers were driven by bus to the town of Dauphin in the province of Manitoba. It is here that the grand and ancient Canadian-Ukrainian culture festival is held annually - the Canada's National Ukrainian Festival.