Новини гурту
18 june 2017
Today, June 18, the world celebrates Father's Day. On this occasion, the leader of the band "TIK" and 8-year-old father of Eve and 6 years of data shared with its parent STARBOM.com secrets education.
06 june 2017
June 6 Ukraine celebrate journalist.
02 june 2017
Today's best festive band Ukraine celebrates 12 years!
01 june 2017
The premiere very soon!
24 may 2017
This Saturday on the TV channel "Ukraine" will premiere a new TV show. Among the first guests of the comedians - the frontman of the band "TIK" Victor Bronyuk.
22 may 2017
Vyshyvanka Day the frontman of the band "TIK" was the guest of honor at the meeting of spokespersons of government and heads of communication units, held in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the framework of the government communication strategy "one voice".