Victor Bronyuk: "I can be "heavy metal"
1 жовтня 2016
Victor Bronyuk:
International music day, 1 October, leader of the band "TIK" told what topic was popular in the music school.
– When did you become interested in music?
– It's a biggest secret for me (smiling). Music has always been in my life. On family holidays we always sing a folk songs. 
– What was the biggest challenge for you in music school?
– Solfeggio. There are a lot of  terms and theories in solfeggio. It was not problem tomemorize something, but  it was so difficult to understand. In the class I was one of the smallest, so I had to hard. But classmates at music school were older and studied better.
– What subject was the most beloved in the music school?
Music literature. We studied the biography and works of composers. Like ear training, it was a theory, but the literature is really exciting. Was very similar to history and the Humanities I have always been the most interesting.
– What are your favorite composers?
– One of the most loved – my townsman Mykola Leontovich. His "Shchedryk" from the first notes around the world, because this music grabs everyone who has ever heard it. Which once again proves that everything genius is simple! In addition to "Shchedryk" Leontovich wrote many other outstanding works, including a wonderful Opera "Rusalkin Easter" and heartfelt Liturgy. But that "Shchedryk" made him famous in the world – this tune, as they say, a real cult, it knows everything and everywhere.
As for other composers, from classics I like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, of modern composers I like Myroslav Skoryk. I've never been a big fan of classical music, but always loved the music that makes on think, has a character and creates the mood. Sometimes, in cold seasons or in certain situations absolutely you don't need verbal information, helps a classics, it gives you the opportunity to immerse themselves in meditation and dream.
- What genre of music can compare yourself?
– All depends on my mood. I am a festive March, romantic waltz, lyrical etude, and sometimes a hip-hop and even heavy metal (laughs).
– What about band  "TIK"?
– The style of our music we define as "wedding punk with elements of philosophical eroticism." And then this explosive mix, each can expand our own thing – who on that fancy enough (smiles). As long as it's sincere and fun!