Victor Bronyuk showed a new family member
4 жовтня 2016
Victor Bronyuk showed a new family member
The frontman of the band "TIK" told  about this to
In World animal day which is celebrated today, October 4, the frontman of the band "TIK" Victor Bronyuk showed a new member of his family – a red cat Marka.
He's only three months in the house of the artist, he tries to make friends with the "old-timer" – hamster with Susan and eats, for the last time. Just two weeks ago, girls Broniuk – wife Tatyana and daughter eve - picked up the kitten on the street when driving to school.
At first I thought to give cat to grandma, and he is already have taken root. So I left - smiling Victor Bronyuk. All rejoice, because in addition to "cat petting" and even automatically resolved the problem of early rise to school and kindergarten. Now daughter and son to race in a hurry to get up early to first bring the cat out.
Victor Bronyuk knows very well: pets – it is a big responsibility, because they teach children responsibility and caring for others. In childhood in his home were always so many animals – cats, dogs, cows, pigs, chickens, geese.
– I have always loved animals, so happy to take care of them. To care for someone is always nice, especially an animal, sensing a good attitude, always thank you. Of all the nicknames of their children's pets not remember – there were so many: Murchik, Rex, Vas’ka, Tarzan, Amur  - recalls with a smile Viktor Bronyuk. – Officially, our cat has name Marsik, because like an alien – red-haired and bright-eyed. 
Marsik special attention to the hamster's Zhuzha which the rights of the older pet has its own character.
– Pets are a great joy! When you live in a private house, it is not necessary to deprive yourself of this joy, - the frontman of "TIK". – Especially that many their habits and behavior a person can know himself. All of us, including myself, depending on the mood can be calm, like cats, are self-absorbed, like the sloth, and funny, like monkeys. Although in some circumstances you have to bark like a dog (laughs).