Scholarship from the Corporate Foundation "TIK": the names of the winners
3 лютого 2017
Scholarship from the Corporate Foundation

2 February took place the meeting of the selection Committee of the scholarship contest.

It was determined 5 winners:
Daria Chertova (52.4 points out of 54 possible). Daria 5 years studying in the music school to play the domra, however, did not have their own instrument. The girl will get a grant from a Corporate Foundation "TICK" in the amount of 3500 UAH for the purchase of the dobro.
Maxim Korol (50.6 points) will receive 3480 UAH. for the purchase of musical accessories for guitar, as well as to pay for a year of study at the school.
Nikolay Shvets (48.8 points) Nikolai this year is going to do in the Vinnitsa College of culture and arts named Leontovich. So, now preparing to enter. The guy needs money to pay zanatta preparatory training at the music school before the end of this school year. Budget request: 1620 UAH.
Sofia Yakovishina and Sophia al Hadid (with an almost equal number of points (47 and 47.2 points). The daughter of a member of the ATO Sonya Yakovishina will get from KF "TICK" 3500 UAH. for the purchase of mouthpiece for saxophone. A little Banderishka Sofia al Hadd – 2000 UAH. the amount will be the contribution of the group "TIK" to pay for an expensive children's Pandora, which now is made to order.