Victor Bronyuk of children's science
18 червня 2017
Victor Bronyuk of children's science
Today, June 18, the world celebrates Father's Day. On this occasion, the leader of the band "TIK" and 8-year-old father of Eve and 6 years of data shared with its parent  secrets education.
- Victor, we all know what a real man should plant a tree, raise a son and build a house. And what are three or more points must perform real father?
- The main point in the men and in the parent list - it's all to do with love (smiles)! When is daddy, real man still continues to prepare soil - physical, psychological and purely human. Create for her family most comfortable and efficient harmonious environment where everyone can easily implement themselves, constantly improve themselves and give maximum exposure. This is the task of the man who become a father, even more clearly aware that not only something, but in the first place - decent people should leave behind, because they will continue to race.
- What is taboo in your family regarding parenting?
- battering! Because it is not the method and not the way of education. Although many say that flip on the ass - the most effective action, and some classics teachers even said that it can be used. But, in my opinion, still need to explain, clarify and communicate, not raise your voice and apply force to their children. My daughter, for example, do not accept when someone raises his voice - it just blocked and can not hear all that. So, if you want to achieve something from it, you simply communicate. Calm and measured, giving it the opportunity to express their views.
- Most children learn not only from their parents but - on the contrary. What did you learn from their children?
- Do and most things that require them! Educating, we require children to be always polite, courteous, monitor their appearance, internal regulations, but primarily all have to perform themselves. Though small, but the kids always very observant, because sometimes parents in response to the comments made (smiles). And so desired rules for them are really for life became dogma, it must be verified by example.