Viktor Bronyuk commented on explosions near Vinnytsya
27 вересня 2017
Viktor Bronyuk commented on explosions near Vinnytsya
The frontman of the band "TIK" is not only a famous musician. Viktor Bronyuk is also an Honorary citizen of Vinnytsia, volunteer, public figure, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Podilskyi community.
So, of course, I did not stay out of the events that happened near Vinnitsa. And expressed his opinion on this in his Facebook page:
- Vinnytsia events last night proved to all who have a short memory: the country is in war. And this war is much closer than it seems to many. Even at the beginning of the war, in 2014, I asked questions about Civil Defense exercises for the population. Unfortunately, the question is still quite open: last night, the Vinnytsia region has been panicking over the background of debris of information garbage.
No matter how unhappy, public authorities can not yet establish effective and operational communication with the public in such cases. And at the present time, this is one of the most important tasks for the authorities. Remember earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. The maximum of precedents is the minimum of victims. Because people keep cold minds in critical situations. And it is cooled by clear instructions and practical survival rates - a special program for the population on the part of the authorities.
Personally, I was once again struck by the sincerity of our people. Immediately after the start of the bombings from ordinary Ukrainians, a lot of suggestions were made on the evacuation of the population from Vinnytsia and the district, domestic, medical and psychological help.
Thank you, people, from you personally and from all Vinnichians! Congratulations to Ukraine with the Exaltation! May the Lord protect!