Viktor Bronyuk found in Lithuania a relative of Bronyukaytis
13 жовтня 2017

On the occasion of the Ukrainian Cossacks Day, the leader of the group "TIK" told STARBOM about his family tree and the Cossack family from his wife.

- I know exactly that the Cossacks were in the family of his wife. The Teshin family comes from Cherkasy region - the land of Cossack glory, the small homeland of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Maxim Zalizniak and other glorious Ukrainian heroes. As the mother-in-law told her, according to family records, the courageous Cossacks were in their family. But about whether there were Cossacks of my kind, I do not know for sure. When my sister still studied at the university and made a family album, I helped her with the artwork. Folding a generic tree, then the great-great-grandfathers we could not go - the information about other ancestors was not preserved. And, unfortunately, that album also got lost. In Vinnitsa, the Institute for the Improvement of Teachers, he was shown to be exemplary, but never returned. So, unfortunately, we got rid of all the rare photographs from the family archive, which were in single copy.

Full text of the interview is HERE