Frontman of the "TIK" band Victor Bronyuk: "I do not like to cook Olivier"
29 грудня 2017

The frontman of the band "TIK" Victor Bronyuk, who sings for the audience in the grand show "The Great New Year's Adventure", which the main channel of the country, the channel "Ukraine", will show December 31 at 20:00, told about the culinary traditions for New Year's holidays.

According to Viktor Bronyuk, he likes to cover the table with unusual New Year dishes.
- Mostly I'm preparing something non-standard. I do not like to cook Olivier, which is on every table. I like to partake of guests, for example, some kind of hunting hot mushroom soup or something similar to the guests saying: "Oh, thank God, this is not a coat or olivier, and not a jelly." I like to diversify the festive table. It is important that the dish was cooked with the soul, then it will be delicious, - he said.
At the same time, the artist has told that recently the family was trying to go on holiday at the New Year holidays.
"We are trying to run away somewhere in recent years to experience all these gourmet miracles. To whom you will not go - on 4-5 floors is covered on a table. Therefore, we often go somewhere with children to rest, - added the leader of the group "TIK".
The grand New Year's adventure grand show "Ukraine" channel will show December 31 at 20:00.
Work on the project lasted in October and November. The main storyline was filmed for four days in a large pavilion, a unique scene in which the TV channel was built specifically for filming the New Year's project.
The most famous Ukrainian artists will take part in the New Year's show of Ukraine: Iryna Bilyk, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Monatik, Tina Karol, Olya Polyakova, Sofia Rotaru, Alexander Ponomariov, NeAngeli, TIK, Max Barsky, Victor Pavlik, Dasha Astafyeva and others. Together with the conductors and actors of the TV channel projects, they will sing hits of the Ukrainian pop.
See "The Great New Year's Adventure" on TV channel "Ukraine" on December 31 at 20:00!