Victor Bronyuk "deciphered" Ukrainian embroidered shirt
17 травня 2018

May 17 celebrate the Day of Embroidery!

Specially for STARBOM Viktor Bronyuk "straightened" Ukrainian embroidery:
- Ukrainian embroidery was a kind of heraldry. It's a whole system of characters and characters, each of which tells the true story. In particular, on the embroidered gun was the story of the kind of girl: three sisters were marked by three flowers. And, for example, a cross in the form of a mill testified that the girl is the daughter of a miller.
This is the feature of Ukrainian embroidery - it is meaningful, it can be "read". And it's interesting how embroidery differ in different regions of Ukraine. I have collections of vyshyvanki from Podillya, Prykarpattya, Transcarpathia, Volhynia, Kharkiv region - and they are all really different.