Viktor Bronyuk in the holiday show "Happy Birthday, Ukraine!"
21 серпня 2018

August 24 Victor Bronyuk and the group "TIK" in a festive concert on the Independence Day on the TV channel "Ukraine".

Behind the scenes of the festive show "Happy Birthday, Ukraine!" Victor Broniuk said that he was going to publish a collection of his poems.
"In principle, the book was ready a few years ago," - admitted the leader of the group "TIK". - But then all these bad events in Ukraine began. And I realized that it's worth returning to this idea later. "
However, it turns out that one copy still came out of the printing house:
"Last year I received a copy of the book from my wife. She arranged everything, agreed with the publishing house and presented me with my own collection of poetry. This, of course, was very pleasant, - confessed Viktor Bronyuk. - I think we will soon publish a book so that everyone can receive his copy. "
On August 24, see the TV show "Happy Birthday, Ukraine!" With the participation of Victor Bronyuk in the group "TIK" on TV channel "Ukraine".