Viktor Bronyuk: "Patriotism is brought about by its example!"
24 серпня 2018

On Independence Day of Ukraine, the frontman of the band "TIK" did not just congratulate the country, but tried to answer the important questions for every Ukrainian that had put him.

- Victor, how do you celebrate Independence Day?

- Mostly on concert venues. And last years - even before the war! - "TIK" invite the cities of east and south of Ukraine. On Independence Day we performed in Kramatorsk, Dnipro, this year we will work in Zaporizhzhya. It is always very interesting to watch this day as the country changes. Indeed, even in the face of many negative social factors, changes are still occurring, which is particularly evident in our new generation. Our kids are quite different. They no longer caught the totalitarian era of the Soviet Union, were born in a free country. And I want them to live happily and freely in it! Over the past four years, Ukrainians have shown the whole world that we are a nation that lives in the spirit of the Cossack freedom. We are by no means eastern peoples who are accustomed to living in conditions of despotism. With this Ukrainian people never tolerated and will not.

- What, in your opinion, do not have enough for our country and citizens to ensure that our independence is truly complete and lasting?

- You can search for many related factors. We all love to "look for guilty": then the president, the prime minister, the foreign policy of the United States, or something else, are interfering with them. But the more you think about all this, you know more clearly: the whole root is in you. It is necessary for each of us once and for all to determine the priorities, direction and, more than hesitate, to build our future. I am always very surprised at how sometimes people go in T-shirts: "I'm made in the USSR." You can not live the past, we must live the future! Everyone has a head in his head to draw the image of Ukraine, which we want to build, and begin to do something to make these dreams and thoughts become reality. And this is possible only through concrete steps, sequential affairs and acts of love with their country and family.

- What would I like to wish Ukraine on Independence Day?

- That in Ukraine there always was a peaceful blue sky, the yellow grass has always been eclipsed with bread! And, of course, that a victorious song sounded!