Viktor Broniuk invited the most beautiful man on the planet to the kitchen
28 січня 2019
The leader of the group "TIK" is not alone in cooking in the new issue of ViBro.
Guest Victor Bronyuk became the most beautiful man of the planet in the version of the international competition Mr. Sea World 2018, actor, TV presenter and judge of the Model XL project Bogdan Iusipchuk.
As you know, recently a musician has his own videoblog of Viro (logon). In it Viktor Bronyuk shares not only interesting recipes. He also provides useful advice and talks about a lot of interesting things about alcohol and the culture of their use.
Bohdan Yusypchuk and Viktor Bronyuk prepare steaks VIDEO
The format of the new issue has slightly changed. And in the frame of the leader of the group "TIK" there was not one. He invited himself to the kitchen of the most beautiful man of the planet according to the international competition Mr. Sea World 2018 - Bogdan Yusypchuk.
Together with Bohdan Victor bronbeck cooked turkey steaks in a pomegranate sauce. The background was a cute conversation of a musician and actor, during which Bogdan rogged a lot of interesting things. For example, why Oleg Vynnyk branded the loan
How are you ingredients? So do not waste time! Watch the new Vibro release now!