Viktor Bronyuk presents DAH online
14 лютого 2019
Viktor Bronyuk, the leader of the "TIK" group, a musician, public figure and co-founder of the development company "Dakh Development" Viktor Bronyuk presents DAH online - the only Ukrainian mobile application for condominiums, the function of which is fully formed exclusively by the needs of real residents and heads of condominiums.
- We work from the side of the user! The buildings that are already using our product are constantly providing expert feedback to the very important comments and suggestions. We are extremely pleased with this activity and the desire of ACMH chairmen to serve their homes transparently, publicly and effectively. And of course - with great pleasure we implement all the necessary proposals in the functioning and necessary functional, - said Victor Bronyuk, co-founder of the company-developer "Dakh Development". "Thus, in close cooperation with our real users, we are moving towards improving and transparency of the housing and utilities sector in Ukraine, showing an example on each condominium.