28 лютого 2019
- Victor, has the music "TIK" changed from the foundation and how?
- Of course. Recently I have been watching the recording of our first "solo", which, by the way, we did in Lviv. Then we sounded quite differently than now. But the main thing remained unchanged - our music has always been and will be organic, true, with emotions and soul.
- Over the past year you have changed noticeably. What induced you to this and how did you manage to lose weight?
- In fact, partially changed the image of genetics - I "rubbed" the bang (Laughs). Since September 2018, my wife and I have signed up to the gym: we need to support ourselves in a form that does not interfere with anything! Come together, because it's both handy and motivating, and somehow fun. I immediately decided to do business with a trainer, because in any case it is better to trust the professionals. Coach Yevhen Korchun from the Federation of Strongmen of Ukraine recommended our friend Vasily Virastyuk. Yevgen is really a pros, despite the young age! Caught up with us and said what would make us "ducks"! Maybe we'll really ride a spiral or bodybuilding event sometime (Laughs).
And if without jokes, then the very first thing that you need to define for yourself is the goal you seek to achieve. For me, I repeat, this is keeping the form. You will not go against nature, and uneven physical activity will sooner or later be given. I have a lot of ride, and on the road to stay constantly, which causes a large load on the spine. Instead, when I work on the stage and for a few hours I jump and dance and even with the bayan, the greatest burden falls on the legs. At some point, I realized that I needed a uniform physical activity, a strengthening of a certain group of muscles. It is worth recognizing that the hardest thing was to dare for that first trip to the hall - going to do it for several years. I am currently engaged at least one and a half hours three times a week. The trainer builds every training so that the exercises do not repeat.
Traditionally we start all of general development exercises and warm-ups, and then functional or strength training begins - depending on the day and the previous load. The results started to feel right away. In Yevhen Korchun the principle of work is unchanged: with him, the dialogue should be with him, and this is very important! If there is no common vision and understanding, it's easier for the trainer to refuse to work with a beginner athlete than to overcome contradictions and motivate one who does not. Except classes in the hall, Eugene told us how to adjust the diet. In general, I've had more or less nutritionally before, but now I'm trying to minimize the consumption of flour products, carbohydrates that do not bring great benefits to the body and add calories. Also removed from the diet almost all roast dishes.
To the most healthy way of life have attracted and their children. The daughter and son also go with us to the gym: they deal with a children's trainer who specializes in medical physical education. So enjoy the sport with our whole family!
- What kind of music do you listen to, for example, in a car?
- When I go myself, I often hear the demo of the songs I work on. And I have already made a track list of my favorite songs and I choose the mood that I want to listen to at that particular moment. But when I travel to Ukraine during the tour, I really love to listen to local radio stations. In each region of the country there are those with whom we have been cooperating for many years, with friends working. In Lviv this is, for example, the "Lviv Wave". When you come to a certain region, turn on the radio station and immediately hear the familiar voices, feel the local flavor. And you have the opportunity to hear young start-up artists who have not yet been promoted to the whole country, but already known in their region.