Victor Broniuk: "Just warming up, let's start shooting new releases" AlcoLikbez "
28 лютого 2019

On the eve of the Lviv speech in the framework of "Bread and sight", the leader of the group "TIK" talked with the correspondent of the newspaper "Town Hall".

- What, in your opinion, the uniqueness of the group "TIK"?
- We have never considered ourselves from the standpoint of uniqueness. Always just wanted to work honestly so that the music was alive, sincere, true. But if we talk about identity and our personal life, then at the time the group "TIK" first challenged the unwritten law of the Ukrainian show business: do not go to the center, in the capital, and do your favorite business in the city where you live. During the nearly 15-year history of the group, many young collectives in social networks, or simply going on tour, asked and asked how we managed, how can we do it at all? I always answer: "We succeeded. But I do not give a guarantee that you will get out too. " The main thing - just believe in your business and do it daily with love and sincere emotions. And then success will surely come!