11 березня 2019

"It is beautiful - mothers can be mandated by their own and bachit yogogo bagatogrannuyu beauty in the eyes of the very ocher", - in part the leader of theTIK band.

Recreation is what for you?
First of all, this is a change of activity. I do not like passive rest when seals are getting away for many days. I have only two such days, and then I definitely need to do something, because I'm starting to get bored. Therefore, I always find something interesting for me, combining the pleasure with the useful. If you need to relax mentally, for example, can re-klyuchytysya to care for the plants in the garden or with his wife and children to go to nature, or meet up with old friends and pozhaduvaty some interesting history.
And I often convinced that one of the most joyous and naynezabutnishyh - spontaneous vacation. Because the more you try to plan everything, the more so on the rest can "get out" of all kinds of imperfections. When you plan nothing and no-loopholes hovuyesh often goes all well and efficiently - get maximum positive emotions and unique experiences.
Often traveling?
Quite often: many trips are due to tours by the "TIK" band. Sometimes we go to the family in full or together with friends. We love discovering new interesting places and always trying to find time for it.
From the band "TIK" we performed in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, Greece, Azerbaijan, Belarus and many other countries. His wife was in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Egypt, Bulgaria, Turkey. The whole family rested in Lapland. Not so long ago they returned from the Turkish ski resort of Ergieza, where they rushed plenty of skiing and became acquainted with the impressive Cappadocia. To this special place come from everywhere to admire the stunning landscapes, with the fantastic filigree-created nature.
When you get to that amazing valley, you see the remarkable mountains, amorphous sculptures and works, realizing that all this is done not by human hands, but by nature, it inspires, enchants and does not let go! No less impressive are the underground cities, reaching up to 80 m deep. It is hard to imagine how the ancient Hittite tribes were once built without special engineering and engineering knowledge. In general, Kappa-doKia has so many interesting things that it's hard to reach for a week!