28 february 2019
The leader of the group "TIK" - about quotas, stars in politics, training and much more in an interview with the publication "Lviv Post".
28 february 2019
Victor Broniuk: "Just warming up, let's start shooting new releases" AlcoLikbez "22
On the eve of the Lviv speech in the framework of "Bread and sight", the leader of the group "TIK" talked with the correspondent of the newspaper "Town Hall".
20 february 2019
TIK band in the national tour "Bread and Sights"24
TIK presents folk blockbusters and fresh hits - the show program "Bread and the spectacle".
14 february 2019
Viktor Bronyuk presents DAH online23
Viktor Bronyuk, the leader of the "TIK" group, a musician, public figure and co-founder of the development company "Dakh Development" Viktor Bronyuk presents DAH online - the only Ukrainian mobile application for condominiums, the function of which is fu
01 february 2019
Congratulations on the Birthday of Vlad Khmarsky!32
Today's birthday is celebrated by the drummer of the "TIK" band - Vladislav Khmarsky.
01 february 2019
Viktor Broniuk became the hero of a public interview Отправить отзыв История Сохранено Сообщества43
In the youth center "Kvadrat" in Vinnitsa, a project for public interviews with well-known fellow countrymen began. And the leader of the "TIK" band became the first hero to motivate young people to realize their own potential.