01 january 2017
Viktor Bronyuk has prepared for Olivier fighters ATO223
Two tons of main new year's salad have prepared In Kiev for Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass.
30 december 2016
Victor Bronyuk do not celebrate New year210
The frontman of the band "TIK" was the guest of the program "Evening with Kateryna Osadcha" on Hit FM.
30 december 2016
TIK on New Year261
The winter holidays will be marked with performances of the best bands of Ukraine on the main TV channels of the country.
23 december 2016
Victor Bronyuk came to Ekateryna Osadcha on Hit FM227
The frontman of the band "TIK" was the guest of the program "Friday Night with Kateryna Osadcha".
19 december 2016
Get a scholarship from the TІК!291
Today, December 19, St. Nicholas Day, kicks off the competition for scholarships from the Corporate Fund TIK that supports and promotes the development of talents in Ukraine.
16 december 2016
Viktor Bronyuk got to the ZOO236
The authors of the program Good evening on Inter not paid attention to the fact that the frontman of the band TIK participated in the Ukrainian dubbing of the animated film Zootopia.