14 march 2017
EuroDvizhn in Kherson: as a football match!356
The reaction of Kherson was incredible. A deafening roar and the thud of the fan – it seems like you're not at a music concert, and the decisive football match.
13 march 2017
Congratulations happy birthday to Alexander Schur!276
Today is the birthday of celebrates the trumpeter of the band "TIK"!
13 march 2017
Congratulations with the birthday of Sergei Apanasenko!302
Today is the birthday of celebrates the guitarist of the band "TIK"!
09 march 2017
EuroDvizhn: concert in Kyiv!309
On 21 March, the Ukrainian capital will sing and dance with "TIK"!
09 march 2017
Victor Bronyuk about real Taras Shevchenko314
On the day of the birth of Taras Shevchenko, the frontman of the band "TIK" talked about its similarity with the great Kobzar, that tells the children about the outstanding poet, and not only...
09 march 2017
Victor Bronyuk: “We are ready to surprise”296
In an interview with "Arguments of week" the group's leader revealed the secret of popularity.