24 february 2017
After EuroDvizhn Poltava TIK went to ALYONA!346
February 23 Victor Bronyuk and the company is pleased with the glorious residents of Poltava.
22 february 2017
Victor Bronyuk: "On Pancake week the Ukrainians ate varenyky!"349
About the celebration and about the best recipe for pancakes Viktor Broniuk told in an exclusive interview
22 february 2017
The designer from Sumy will create the shirts for "TIK"313
21 Feb EuroDvizhn was in Sumy! The concert was held with songs and dances. And yet, there was an interesting meeting...
17 february 2017
EuroDvizhn in Khmelnytskyi: together with "TIK" sang a young volunteer319
Artem Kharchenko performed together with your favorite group's song "History" for an encore. This boy is a volunteer, unique, bright and incredibly courageous child.
17 february 2017
In Khmelnytskyi Victor Bronyuk became a matchmaker for his… grandson!301
That has long been his grandfather, the frontman of the band confessed during the EuroDvizhn tour 6 February in Khmelnytskyi.
16 february 2017
EuroDvizhn in Chernivtsi: there are a lot of Valentines!312
Valentine's day Victor Bronyuk got a surprise from his wife and children... But not their children))).