03 february 2017
Victor Bronyuk in the selection of winners from the Corporate Foundation "TIK"335
A scholarship will receive immediately 5 talented kids!
03 february 2017
TIK presents video ALYO-NA!375
The best festive band of Ukraine presents visualization of popular hit on Amuro discomonkey and lost sex.
03 february 2017
Scholarship from the Corporate Foundation "TIK": the names of the winners263
2 February took place the meeting of the selection Committee of the scholarship contest.
01 february 2017
Congratulations happy birthday Vlad Kharskyi!295
Today is the birthday of celebrating the drummer of the band "TIK" Vladislav Khmarskyi.
27 january 2017
Victor Bronyuk: "Concert in Vinnytsia is moved to another day"325
The EuroDvizhn tour schedule has changed.
26 january 2017
The frontman of the band TIK on the cover of "TV Guide"380
Victor Bronyuk said about...