13 january 2017
"Alyo-na!" in your mobile!555
New song from the Best Holiday Band of Ukraine can sound in your gadgets.
09 january 2017
Viktor Bronyuk: from the Gingerbread man to Santa Claus343
The frontman of the band "TIK" remember who had to be on children's holidays.
09 january 2017
Viktor Bronyuk: read Dostoevsky 361
The frontman of the band "TIK" shared with own ranking of the top 5 must read.
06 january 2017
Viktor Bronyuk: "My dreams come true every year on Christmas!"408
Of all the winter holidays for the leader of the band "TIK" Christmas has always been a favorite. Viktor Bronyuk repeatedly seen dreams come true and miracles happen in fairy Christmas night.
05 january 2017
Viktor Bronyuk in the Grand final, "What? Where? When?"358
The super final of the 9th season of the Stars League will be held on Friday, January 6.
01 january 2017
Viktor Bronyuk has prepared for Olivier fighters ATO341
Two tons of main new year's salad have prepared In Kiev for Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass.