18 february 2015
“Lyuby Ty Ukrainu” in Uman’173
Uman’ met the whole band are sober and culturally))).
17 february 2015
Crazy concert in Kremenchuk172
The concert "Lyuby Ty Ukrainu" was accompanied by incredible applause and frantic emotions.
15 february 2015
14 february 2015
“TIK” in Bila Tserkva199
Yesterday, on 14th of February, Valentine's Day, the band TIK merry company assembled in Bila Tserkva. Bila Tserkva sang and danced along with the band “TIK”.
13 february 2015
Concert “Lyuby Ty Ukrainu” on 1+1158
On Saturday, 14th of February 14 TV channel "1 + 1" will show the concert band "TIK" "Lyuby Ty Ukrainu". The concert will start at 23.15.
02 february 2015